The Equinety Podcast

Cindy DeLancey - The Wrangler Horse and Rodeo News - Breeding Stallions

Jennifer Boles – Stress Fracture – Throwing Shoes - Hoof Growth – Softer Coat – Dapples

Jamie Wilkinson - Shedding - Recovery - Better Focus - More Calm

Colleen Fell - Better Recovery - .More Focused - Shinier Coat - Topline - Hips

C5 Rodeo - Rough Stock - The BEST in the Business!

Amanda Hudson - Tendon Injury - Arthritis in Hyoid Bone - Mounted Shooting

Regina Bernstein - Mystery Lameness to Full Recovery!

Chris Kinzel – Lameness – White Line – ¼ Crack – Laminitis – 3 to 4% rotation

Holly Barr – Severe Leg Injury – Severed Tendon – Fully Recovered

Nickalus Sims - Farrier - Chiropractor - Working Cowboy - Better Shape Healthier Coat and Mind - Better Focus

Steve Jones – Severe Founder – Rotation - Abscesses – Ulcers

Stacy Kirby – Severe Condition - Hooves cut really short – Muscle Atrophy – Dinero is back

Carol Rochester – Horses - Dogs - Goats

Ann Jones - rescue horse – lame - horrible feet – now running and playing

Randy Hargis – 4 Horses - Mystery Lameness – Better Demeanor - Coat – Hoof - Joint Quality – More Relaxed

Linsay Sumpter – Lifetime Cowgirl - Breakaway Roper – College Rodeo coach – Navicular - EPM

Aspen Miller – Pro Breakaway Roping – Ulcers – Soft Feet – More Stamina – Better Focus

Tyler and Jessi Wade – Fewer injections – Muscle tone – Recovery – Fractured Coffin Bone – Gut Health – 4X NFR Qualifier Team Roper

David Teets Jr - Tie Down Roper - PAFRA - Faster Recovery & More Stamina

Jessy Remsburg – Professional Team Roper

Lindsay Byers TX – Trick Riding – DSLD – Popping in Shoulder

Emily Florence - Thin Soles – Osslets – Hard Keeper & an Easy Keeper

Jenn Van Booven – Founder – thin soles - thin walls – Cribber – Ulcers

Cheyenne Dykes – 7 horses – hoof growth – anxiety – laminitis – arthritis - abscesses – non sweater – weight gain - soundness

Kathy Moss - Cowboy Poetry - Severe Founder - PSSM - and now has her life back! - Jessica DiCostanzo - Eventer - 3 Horses and amazing results

Mia Totten - 9 years old and a force to be reckoned with!

Megan Cramer – Rescue – Barrel Horse Bleeder – Recovery – Picky Eaters

Elena Flaharty - USDF Gold Medal Dressage Trainer

Jaimey & Tina Irwin Canadian High Performance Dressage Team

Davina Warrener – Professional Eventer – 5 Horses Amazing Stories using Equinety Horse XL

Jenny Taylor – Lameness – Cushings – Navicular – Recovery - Southern Stockhorse Association

Saralyn Sells - Lynn McEnespy - Gretchen McDaniels

Hannah Lang - Healthier Coat - Healthy Weight Gain - Healthier Hooves

Maegan Teykl – 3 legged – trauma to hoof - now working again

Stacey & Jim Warner – GTBRA – Mystery Lameness – Cracked Hooves – Faster Recovery

Pam Reisler – Inflammation – Foundered – Abscess - Cutting Horse – Full Recovery

Beth Sallak - Rain Rot – Abscess – Shiny Coat – More Muscle – Faster Healing – Better Hooves

Teri Clements – PA – 23 yr old mare - Arthritis – Bone Spurs in Coffin Joints – Soft Hooves

JD Kneece – Performance Horse - Mystery Lameness – Poor Performance - Abscess

David Teets Jr – Hard Keeper – Hot Headed – Thicker Soles - Environment Changes

Denise Duncan - NO Sole - New Hoof Growth - Improved Joint Health

Marie Lyons – 41 year old senior horse - Picky Eater – Increased appetite – No abscesses

Hailey Prest – Multiple Horses – Thin soles – Loose Stool - Tying up – Hot Headed – Reduced Injections

Warren Bauer - New Horse Owner - Laminitis - Abscesses

Ann Jones – Rescue horse – Lame - Horrible Feet – Now Running and Playing

Wendy Goeden – Mystery Lameness – Colt Development – Senior Horse

Susan Bolinger - Laminitis - Thin Soles

Tina Fear - Laminitis - Thin Soles

Tracy Ebmeyer - Club Foot - Thin Soles

Christy Langdon Parker - Breeding Farm

Barbra Reis - Dressage Performance Horses - Faster Recovery - More Stamina - Better Focus

Stacey Smallwood - Navicular - Injections - Performance Horses

Danny DeLoach - Experiences from 59 years of being a Farrier

Diane Fox - Senior Horse

Saralyn Sells - Arabian Horse - Club Foot - Severe Founder - Cushings

Connie Burleson - Abscesses and Thrush

Dawn Eliot-Johnson - Severe Founder

Jessica Lash - Performance Horses - Colic Scares

Sharon Disney | Rescue Horses

Janet Kaufman | Pre-Cushings and Insulin Resistance

Diane Grahmbusch | Weak Hooves, Injections Shinier Coat , Better Movement Not Sore After Trim

Kathey Bailey: Lameness, Whiteline, Hoof Wall Separation, Popping Joints

Christy Miller - Laminitis - 16 yr old mini

Do No Harm – Are the supplements in your feed room actually helping your horse

Jennifer Johnson – Laminitis – Cushings – Picky Eater – Depressed – Dull Coat – Spirit is back

Ashley Thompson's Multiple Horses In Training Benefit From Equinety

Melissa Schmalhorst Took A Chance On An Old Horse With A Joint Infection

Tina Simmons - Retired Racehorse With Severe Arthritis Gets A New Lease On Life

Ashley Arnold – After so much pain, Equinety helps a brood mare walk again

Kim Harmon - 2 Veterinarians With No Answers, Now I'm Riding My Horse Again

Joy Dengler - From Thin & Squishy to Thick & Solid Hooves

Valerie Burrows - From unknown conditions to the picture of health

Mike & Bryn Robertson - Quarter Horse Racing

Danyea Logan-Young - Fighting for Horses Everywhere

Mary Payne - From a lifetime of abscesses to healthy hooves, calm demeanor, and an abscess free life

Ashley McGinnis - Severe Allergies Caused a Number of Symptoms, Equinety Turned it Around

Kim Edwards - 2 Senior Morgan Horses Recover from Founder and Dropped Hocks

Jessica Martin - From a Possibly Life Ending Injury to Opening the Rodeo

Jane Ann Chappell – A Gelding & A Mare Show More Personality than Ever Before

Loris Epis – World Champion Reining Horses, Equinety as part of his Routine

Rachel Cleary & Sam Anthrope - 5 Stories of Almost Miraculous Rehab

Mary Patterson –from a life threatening condition to being than before

Janet Culley – After 9 years with PTSD, Chino is back at full health!

Elizabeth Welch – Taken By Surprise by Severe Founder & IR, Equinety Turns it Around

Monica Kay - After Rescuing A Neglected Horse, Equinety Helped Her Go to State

Equinety Ultimate OEC Launches - Dr. Zach Bruggen DVM - Flaxseed Omega 3 - Vitamin E - Colloidal Silver

Beverly Ann Detlefsen - From a Skeleton of His Former Self to a Full Recovery

Holly Ann Such – As Her Last Hope, Equinety Gave This Mare A New Life

Elizabeth Downey - Realized Her Mistake After Taking Her Horse Off Equinety

Judy Collins – A Senior Citizen Comes Out of Retirement

Danielle Thumma - Lameness – Stifles – Injections – Lot of Pain – Unhappy – Depressed

Lisa Lyons - An Unexpected onset of Founder took Calvin out but not for long

Sara Turner - A New Fox Hunting High Performance Gets a Boost That Was Never Expected

Chris Roll - Two Mini Horses With No Hope Are Now Doing Better Than Ever

Butch Myers - An Aging Horse Shows His Age and Loses Weight, Equinety Helps Turn It Around

Dan Chambers – From Scam to Part of the Family, Senior Horse Regains His Youth

Marlies Parent - From North To the South With a Bit of Baggage

Arlene Bara - Lyme Disease and Weak Immune System Make for a Cocktail of Conditions

Julie Klouda – Skeptical Nutritionist Realizes Her Go To Supplements Aren't Working

Lauri Oliphant - Weight Loss - white line, thrush, grew frog, stronger hoof, new sole depth

Terri Dinubilo Murray - From stuck in the stable, to leading the pack again

Teri Allen - 5 Different Stories of Success From Career Horse Rescuer

Lisa and Don Schledfeldt 6 Cutting Horses and a Mule

Ramona Petrillo - 10 Horses and Dalmatian Dog All On Equinety

Dr Charlyn Belluzo - The Science of Amino Acids – How they work at a cellular level – The Benefits of Long Term - Belos Cavalos Therapy Farm

Lori Ganacha - Severe Laminitis - Thin Soles - Now happier and trimming every 3 weeks

Kristen Wright - Trailer Accident - Superior Hoof Recovery with Equinety

Cheyenne Wimberley - Ranked 14 in the world and Her Performance Horses

Sommer Smith - Performance Horses THRIVE on Equinety

Jessica Moore - Whiteline – Thrush – Collapsed heals – Navicular

Rheanna Wolk – Abscesses, Faster Healing, Muscle Tone, Equinety put LIFE back into my horse

Linda Briles - Severe Laminitis for 6 years now Cantering - giving lessons and pain free

Rachel Senft - Fewer Injections, Recovery, Muscle Mass, Topline, Healthier Coat, Anxiety - Nervous, Stronger Hooves

Savannah Shumpert - age 13 - qualified for junior NFR, junior All- American and more…foundered horse, thin soles, stronger healthier hooves, shiny coat, anxiety, shoulder adjustment

Jackie Allen - Shedding Out, Sidebone, Healthier, Stronger Hooves, Donkey and a Mule all benefit from Equinety!

Tami Wojcek - Lateral collateral ligament of the coffin joint, Faster Healing, Lame to 100% Sound, Supplement Skeptic, Dapples, Halter Class Champion, Shiny Coat, Filling Out.

Carl Herren - Supplement Skeptic - abscesses, anxiety, recovery, attitude, barn sour, more responsive, colic issues, weight gain, stronger hooves - need patience

Animal Sanctuary, Rehabilitation for people and horses, Faster Recovery, Overall Healing, Attitude, Cushings, Filling out, topline, joints,

Danielle and Kelly Bowser - Tying up, Ulcers, Surgery and Healing Time, Abscesses, EPM, Double Dosing

Arthritis, Injections, Swelling, Peace of Mind - Happy Horse Owner

Severe Navicular and Lame - Now giving lessons again!

PSSM, Tying Up, Depression, Severe Abscesses, Weight Loss, Hock and Stifle Injections, Calcium Deposit, Navicular, Mystery Lame

Battling Cellulitis and a VERY Picky Eater

Rain Rot, Severe Heaves, Cushings, Ulcers, Weight Gain, Shiny Coat, Allergies

Monty had - Abscess - Thrush - Cellulitis - Heat Stroke - Mystery Lameness

Therapy Horses - 7 Horses - 7 Issues - 7 Incredible Stories - Horses of Warriors

Tania's First encounter with EPM, Equinety Turns Severe Lameness Around

Nacho - Started with Stiff Hocks but Ended Up with a Weak Back and Arthritis

Grey: From Stressed & Dangerous to Happy & Pleasant

Jordan and Her Horses Fight Through Devastating Situations, Now Better Than Ever

2200lb Draft Horse Diesel Recovers From Lameness Due To Abscesses

Roxanne, a 2,000 lb draft horse starts to show her age

Jorge - From Mystery lameness back to competing at the rodeo

Lame with Navicular now Sound and Competing Again!

Navicular Horse Battling for years - then they found Equinety!

Equinety leads to a speedy recovery for the once leader of the pack

After 4 years of lameness, the horse is healed and running free

Equinety Amino Acids And Your Horse Supplements

Elise Parsons - Not so skeptical of Equinety now!

Equinety - Who We Are & What We offer

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