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Arthritis, Injections, Swelling, Peace of Mind - Happy Horse Owner


John Dowdy:                 Hello and welcome to another exciting [Equinety] Podcast. This podcast is... It's a long overdue for one that has to do with arthritis and I was pleasantly surprised when the owner of these two horses, Nancy, we were just talking about one specifically and she goes, "Oh, well I have another story for you." So we're going to get two for one on this podcast. So without further ado, Nancy, welcome to the show.

Nancy McCarren:          Oh, thank you. I'm glad to be here. My name is Nancy [McCarren] and I was introduced to the product via Facebook, an ad came up and I thought it looked pretty good, so I wanted to try it and that was back in January. I have a horse, he's a Rocky Mountain horse. He's 15 years old and he's had arthritis for two years. When we got him, he was very lame after we'd had him for a little while and I guess the bute wore off. He was pretty rare when him and I tried some other products and they really didn't work very well at all. So I started trying the Equinety and I was very, very happy with the results. Within a week this horse was out in the pasture galloping around, which he hadn't done because he was so sore and he just progressively got better and pretty soon there was no lameness at all.

Nancy McCarren:          I'm very, very happy with the product with this horse. His name is Rocky, he's a Rocky Mountain horse, I think I said that. We have another horse and he's seven years old and he was out for training and he developed a swelled hock. So we took him to the vet and the vet said he had a little arthritis there and that swelling would never go down. So I had such great results with the Rocky Horse that I thought I'd try it on this Tennessee Walker and I did, and I noticed within a couple of weeks that the swelling was totally gone. There's no swelling at all. He never was lame, but he was diagnosed with arthritis, just mild, just beginning. Like I said, the vet said that that swelling would never go down, but it did, so they both ... He's been on the product for about six weeks now, and the Rocky horse has been on it since January and they're both doing very well.

Nancy McCarren:          I can't tell you how much I love this product. I'm so happy for us, it's wonderful. That little scoop does such a great job and I'm going to keep using it forever.

John Dowdy:                 Wow, that's great. Well, so let's jump right back to the do the first horse there, your Rocky Mountain horse named Rocky. So you're primarily using him as a trail horse is what ...

Nancy McCarren:          Yes.

John Dowdy:                 Okay, so he's 15 years old and he had arthritis pretty severe when you got him, and you mentioned he was ... or the bute had kind of worn off, but he was also getting injections annually, isn't that right?

Nancy McCarren:          Yes, that's true. The previous owner, I had him injected like once a year right into the area, the hock, where the arthritis was, and that didn't sound very appealing to me. I didn't want to continue with that kind of process. So that's why I'm so happy I found this other product here.

John Dowdy:                 Right, right. So he was coming up due for probably around the time in January for the injection and you noticed he was just getting worse. That's when you came across the Equinety, and so-

Nancy McCarren:          Yeah.

John Dowdy:                 From the time that you started using the Equinety ... because as you alluded to you, you weren't a fan of the injection so you were searching around trying to find an alternative. You'd tried several other things, nothing really seemed to work and then you came across the Equinety.

Nancy McCarren:          [inaudible 00:03:50].

John Dowdy:                 So from the time that you gave the Equinety, how long was it before you saw a difference?

Nancy McCarren:          This horse was very good in a week. I know that sounds really fast, but this is what happened with him. Within a week I noticed he wasn't limping anymore. He was running around like a crazy man out there in the pasture, which really seemed good to me because I hadn't seen him doing that very much at all. He's been doing it ever since. So he's a pretty happy camper right now.

John Dowdy:                 Right. Because even on the trail rides, you had mentioned that he would get sore just .. and it's not like you're going for super long trips here, but he would be sore before you could even get back to the barn.

Nancy McCarren:          Yes. Yes, that's correct.

John Dowdy:                 Right. Wow. Well, and it's also important and in the thing with Equinety ... and we're all about helping horses worldwide and this is really what the Equinety is doing, but I think it's also important to bring up the fact that the way that your horses are cared for, that ... Tell us, a little bit about your nutritional program that you have, or what do they get on a daily basis?

Nancy McCarren:          Our horses are very healthy, they're on grass most of the year. It's fresh grass, it's very good for them. They get high quality hay. I give them a mineral supplement. They also get salt and they get pellets, 12% protein, but they don't get very much grain at all. They just don't need it because they have such a great pasture and good hay. So that's really important that they get good nutrition and they seem to heal a lot faster when they get good nutrition.

John Dowdy:                 Yes.

Nancy McCarren:          Like us.

John Dowdy:                 Absolutely and I think this is a great point to bring up because what we've found, being on the market now almost four years, and with horses like this, that they get really good care, the quality of their feed and grass and everything is very, very good. It seems like it doesn't matter what part of the country you're in, or what quality of feeding care they're getting when you add the Equinety, it always seems to to kick them up a few notches. That just tells us that horses are deficient in amino acids and the great-

Nancy McCarren:          Yes [inaudible 00:06:09].

John Dowdy:                 Go ahead.

Nancy McCarren:          Absolutely.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah.

Nancy McCarren:          I was saying yes, absolutely.

John Dowdy:                 Right. The thing with the Equinety and you look and say, okay, well there's eight amino acids. I could go buy those individually, or my feed already has amino acids or whatever, I'm getting amino acids. Well, the neat thing with the Equinety amino acids is they are specifically put together to stimulate the pituitary gland, which releases hormones to help the body heal at a cellular level.

John Dowdy:                 So in the case with both of your horses, where you're battling some severe arthritis, and this really went to work super fast, and that's the great thing about this product as well because it's customizing to the horse. How did you know that this was going to go target the arthritis areas versus a hoof for example, or top line? Well, that's a great thing about giving the body what it needs to release the hormones and then the body determines where to send those hormones for the healing. So in your case, you're dealing with two horses dealing with arthritis. So Rocky is like a new man, no pain, 100% sound.

Nancy McCarren:          [inaudible 00:07:26].

John Dowdy:                 Yep. Yep. Okay. And then swing over to Cole, who's your Tennessee Walker?

Nancy McCarren:          Yes.

John Dowdy:                 So he's seven years old.

Nancy McCarren:          Yes.

John Dowdy:                 So he had the swelling in the right rear hock. You went to the vet and it was early stages of arthritis. So that's all you knew except also the vet tells you that the swelling would probably never go down?

Nancy McCarren:          Oh yes, and also I gave him injections. I did that for seven days, I think it was for a month. I had to go out there every day and give him injections. I forget what the name of it was but that didn't help either. It might've helped a little with the swelling, but he still had the swelling and the puffiness there after those shots were finished. So I wasn't impressed with that product.

John Dowdy:                 No. So then your thought, "Well the Equinety worked so well with Rocky, why not give it to Cole and see what happens?"

Nancy McCarren:          Absolutely. He wasn't lame, but I didn't like that puffiness, the swelling, I just didn't like that at all. So I wanted to get rid of it. So I did.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. So how long did you see a difference there?

Nancy McCarren:          He had been taking it for a couple of weeks and I just happened to touch it because I wasn't really paying much attention to it because he wasn't lame and I noticed that it was totally gone. I was like, "Wow, it's gone. Amazing. I like it."

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, and I tell you, and you and I were about this before we hit record on this podcast, but the Equinety product, it works so well and for the majority of horses, people do notice a difference in 30 days or less. In your case it was one week on one horse and a couple of weeks and the other horse and I tell people it's not a miracle supplement but it sure does some miraculous things. When you understand what it's doing inside the body to release the hormones and then the hormones are what's doing the healing at a cellular level, the bar is set pretty high, I would think and and we're blessed in that fact. So if you're one of the folks listening in here and you've been using the Equinety for 60 days or 90 days and you haven't seen what you're expecting to see, then sometimes it does take a little bit of time, we're all different.

John Dowdy:                 Horses are different, sometimes it takes a several months depending on what the situation conditions are. I tell you what Nancy, it's been a pleasure having you on this podcast and sharing your Equinety stories. I know a lot of people out there are battling with arthritic issues in their horses and maybe this could be a solution for them. If you had anything to say to them other than what you've already said, maybe they're sitting on the fence about trying the Equinety, what would you have the to say to them?

Nancy McCarren:          I definitely have something to say. I would encourage you not to give up because there's product. It definitely works. I have no investment in this product. I'm not a distributor. I don't know John Dowdy, I just met him but I can tell you from my experience what this product has done for my horses and I just want to encourage you, just keep on keeping on. Don't give up. It might take six months, might take more, the product is reasonably priced, so there's no reason why not to continue with it.

Nancy McCarren:          John Dowdy, the other thing I like to say is, another great thing that happens with this product is, we horse people really love our horses and it's very sad to us to see them hopping around and limping and not being healthy and hurting. We really don't like that because we love our horses. So this product really helps us to feel better, to have a good feeling, happiness that our horses aren't lame anymore. So it's great for us too.

John Dowdy:                 You know what, I couldn't agree more with that and from our side, it's one of the reasons why we started this podcast so people could hear form people just like you. As you mentioned, we've never met before. I saw you had posted a comment or something on one of our ads, or had texted in or something. And so we got to talking and I'm like, "Oh my gosh, people need to hear this story." I think as horse owners, especially when you're, you're battling some kind of scenario of trying to figure out what's going on with the horse. They're hurting and yeah, you feel bad, you're trying to figure out a solution and sometimes you're giving products that in the back of your mind, you pretty well know that it's not really doing anything but you feel better because you're doing something, I think that happens a lot and I think giving the Equinety a try, the odds of this working are so high, no matter what the situation is, it definitely is.

John Dowdy:                 We tried to price it, it's a dollar a day for your horse. So very economical.

Nancy McCarren:          [inaudible] wonderful.

John Dowdy:                 Yup. Yup. For all the things that it does. Well Nancy, again, thank you so much for the all the kind words and sharing your Equinety stories. I know there are people going to listen to this and really get some benefit out of it, so thank you again.

Nancy McCarren:          Okay. If anybody wants to talk to me personally, I'd be happy to speak with them.

John Dowdy:                 That's great. I'll put a link to your Facebook page in the teamequinety.com podcast, a link underneath this podcast, under that section there. So, all right Nancy well thanks again and we'll get this out so everybody can hear it.

Nancy McCarren:          Okay, great.

John Dowdy:                 All right. Bye bye.

Nancy McCarren:          Bye.



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