Regina Bernstein - Mystery
Lameness to Full Recovery!

John Dowdy:                 Hello, and welcome to this week's Equinety Podcast, number 134. We're swinging out into Arizona. We've got Regina Bernstein on the call this week. Regina, welcome to the Team Equinety Podcast.

Regina Bernstein:          Thank you for having me. So exciting.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, it is exciting, and we're going to be talking about a mystery lameness. If memory serves me correctly, it's been a little bit of a while with our podcast since we've had a mystery lameness, and I know it can be very frustrating when you're dealing with one of these things because there's a lot of money that's spent trying to figure out what's going on. So let's hear about your story and what was going on. Tell us about your horse, what he was doing prior to the lameness, and then what happened, and let's go from there.

Regina Bernstein:          Sounds good. So I have a 13-year-old quarter horse, a gelding that I run barrels on since he was four, and been competing on him continuously. Back in October, he just started acting like he was really sore, having some issues, was kind of misbehaving under the saddle, which was very unusual characteristics for him. Had actually had some farrier work done, wasn't too thrilled with the farrier work, but went on. Then his behavior deteriorated. He just started trying to kick out at people, which was very odd. Then we started having issues where he wouldn't pick up his right hind leg. That's when all this really started, and couldn't figure out what was going on. Took him to the vet, spent lots of money, got a bunch of tests done. Nothing significant really ever came up in the lameness test or ultrasound or x-rays or anything, just a few small bone spurs in his stifle, which wasn't too bad.

                                    Gave him some rest, gave him some Previcox and bute, laid him off for a few weeks. Brought him back, seemed a little bit better, got his feet fixed, chiropractic work done, and then still wasn't lifting his hind leg. It was just really odd, couldn't figure out what was going on. Talked to a friend about it, actually, and her friend had the same mystery lameness issue and recommended Equinety product, and I thought, "Well, why not give it a try," because it's actually pretty affordable to give. I started giving it twice a day, and within a three-day time, which is, like I was saying, very odd, I noticed quite the difference. From then, it's been about a month and a half now, and he's back to himself. We're actually going to compete in barrels this weekend and-

John Dowdy:                 Wow.

Regina Bernstein:          Very excited because it actually worked. He eats it, he loves it, and it's working, so I've been very happy with it.

John Dowdy:                 So three days. Well, let's back up. So how long was this problem going on for?

Regina Bernstein:          Oh, gosh. This started in October, so up until about, I'd say, a month ago, month and a half ago it was going on.

John Dowdy:                 Wow. So we're talking about five months then, six months.

Regina Bernstein:          Yeah. It was a long time, and it was getting very frustrating because, like I said, I spent a lot of money and the horse is worth quite a bit of money. He loves his job, loves to compete, so it was getting frustrating. I'm thankful to my friend of a friend that recommended it to me.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, no doubt. All right. So the frustration's five, six months, nobody could figure out what's going on, spent lots of money, you came across the Equinety. Now, for those of you who are tuning in, maybe you've never heard of the Equinety product or maybe you've been seeing it around. We run into that a lot, where people see it here and there and everywhere and maybe they just haven't stopped long enough to really find out exactly what it is. So we're specifically talking about the Equinety Horse XL, which is 100% pure amino acids. There's no fillers, starches. I mean, it's pure amino acids. There's no loading dose either. Serving size is 5.2 grams, which is about a teaspoon. Now, Regina, you have a background in animal science as well, correct?

Regina Bernstein:          Yes, I do. I actually went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California and studied animal science there. So I knew a little bit about it. I've forgotten quite a bit because it's been a while now, but I do know the basics. I remember the basics.

John Dowdy:                 Yes, which is important. So what was your take when you saw the tub and saw it was amino acids? Well, I guess you kind of mentioned before. It's like, "Well, it can't hurt."

Regina Bernstein:          Yeah. I mean, I figured it can't hurt, and then I loved that there was no fillers or anything in there because a lot of the products I look at, they add a lot of fillers and junk in there and that puts me off from giving it to my horse. So when I saw that it was just nothing else, I was like, "Well, this is worth a try because it's not going to hurt anything."

John Dowdy:                 Right. Yeah.

Regina Bernstein:          So that's what I liked.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. And the thing is, is what makes the Equinety Horse XL so unique is it doesn't fit into a specific supplement category. So, in other words, it's not just a hoof supplement or not just a joint supplement or topline or recovery or stamina. What it's actually designed to do is give the body what it needs to release its own hormones from the pituitary gland, and then the body is able to send its own hormones to its own problem areas. So you could have 50 horses lined up with 50 different things going on, and it's going to customize to what the horse needs because we're allowing the body to help repair itself.

                                    Being on the market eight years at this time, what we've found through different parts of the country, and it doesn't matter what the horse is doing for a job, it doesn't matter what the feeding program is, the quality of the feed, if humans are feeding the horse, they're lacking in the right amount of amino acids. So the other great thing about the Horse XL is it absorbs very quickly and it's working in hours. Just as you mentioned, you noticed a change in three days, which is pretty phenomenal when you're have gone through all these tests and spent all this money and you're trying to find out what's going on, and then three days? That-

Regina Bernstein:          Yeah.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah.

Regina Bernstein:          Like I said, my mind was blown. That's why I had to write to you guys, because I was like, "This has never happened with anything I've used," so-

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. Yep. Well, and I have to say that results may vary, as they say. I will say, though, that although we know the product starts working in hours... And the majority of people, if you have a horse that has stress, anxiety, or a bit spooky, we've seen complete demeanor changes in as little as two or three days. In this case, you're dealing with a mystery lameness, which has helped many, many horses through the years, typically in about a week to two weeks for the working performance horse. People notice that they just feel better under saddle. Their recovery and stamina is better, their focus.

                                    You get into the 30-day mark, softer, shinier coat, they're filling out, topline, hips. We've even had a lot of people comment on more firmness in the sole depth, but that's typically going to come more towards the six-week mark, when you get just the overall healthier, stronger, faster growing hoof. Ultimately, and you mentioned chiropractor, massage, and things like this, and with your farrier, this is really just helping to get your horse back to where you wanted them to be in the first place. We have a lot of people that are using the product as a preventative. They're performance horses that don't really have any issues, but it's going to help with the soft tissue repair, muscle recovery, the overall performance, and things like that. So did-

Regina Bernstein:          Right. And I did see a change in his hoof growth, too. It actually got a lot better, and the topline. I'm glad you mentioned that because I forgot. But, yeah, the topline is amazing now.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. We've had people through the years that... And we've converted a lot of skeptics, but, yeah, as you mentioned, there's so much stuff on the market out there, and it's-

Regina Bernstein:          Oh, yeah. It's hard to sift through them all, so-

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, it's tough. It's tough. But I had an old cowboy up in Virginia, and he was pretty reluctant. I ran into him, I don't know, maybe... I'd given him some product and ran into him two months later, and I asked him how he was liking the product, and he says, "Well, I've had this mare I've been trying to get a topline on for two years. I've tried everything." He goes, "I'll tell you this. Your stuff worked." I'm like, "Well, that's probably about the best compliment we could get from that cowboy right there."

Regina Bernstein:          Right. I know. You don't get many.

John Dowdy:                 No. One of the other things, and for those that are tuning in, and this is one of the most often asked questions that we get, if you're using other supplements and products or medications and things like that, the question typically is should I stop using other things and start using the Horse XL? I come from the standpoint of, number one, I don't know your horse, and so it wouldn't be fair for us to make that judgment call. So what we suggest is don't change anything and just add a scoop of this to it, and then, that way, we're only changing one element, and the odds of you seeing changes in 30 days or less are very, very high. Then, at that point, you can decide whether to reduce or stop using other things. So that's worked out very well. Now, one of the other things that you had mentioned before is you were giving two scoops. Did you start off with the two scoops or...

Regina Bernstein:          I did actually start off with the two scoops because, in my own brain, I was so frustrated and I thought, "I just want this thing to work," because I was so frustrated.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. Well, just-

Regina Bernstein:          Whether or not I actually needed to give the two, but I did start out giving the two, yes.

John Dowdy:                 Yep. So the science behind that... This is another question we get because on the label it says one or two scoops. But the science behind that is when you give a scoop of the Horse XL in the morning, as an example, the hormones are released and those hormones have a 23 and a half hour life cycle. So if you never gave the product again, 24 hours later, the hormones are back to where they would normally be for that age of a horse, which is perfectly fine. That's why you give the product every day. That works in the majority of horses.

                                    Now, for an injured horse or for the working performance horse, what we're having a lot of feedback with is people that are giving a scoop in the morning and a scoop in the evening. Now, this is not a loading dose, but what it's doing is it's stimulating the hormones to release, and so now you're keeping them elevated, and that helps promote faster recovery. So it's something that people can test with and see what works best for them. But, in most situations, one scoop is perfectly fine. If you're really working those things and we're having injury, the two scoops is recommended, for sure.

Regina Bernstein:          Right. That's kind of why I started with the two. I thought, "This has been going on for five months. Let's see if we can knock it out."

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. Speed this thing up, but, man, three months. And how long did you say... A month and a half it's been?

Regina Bernstein:          About a month and a half. Yeah.

John Dowdy:                 Wow. So back ready to run and you're going this weekend.

Regina Bernstein:          Yes, I'm excited. I'm not quite sure how fast he'll be because I took him to a practice the other day and he was a little bit... Well, I mean he had a while off, so-

John Dowdy:                 He's been off. Yep.

Regina Bernstein:          I'm just happy to go because I thought... I didn't know what was going to happen five months ago, so-

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. That's pretty incredible.

Regina Bernstein:          Yes.

John Dowdy:                 Wow. Well, I tell you what.

Regina Bernstein:          [ crosstalk 00:11:52]-

John Dowdy:                 For anybody that's tuning in and maybe they're listening to this, maybe they're a little bit on the fence, is there anything that you could say to them outside of what you've already talked about that might get them off the fence to give it a try?

Regina Bernstein:          Sure. So I myself have never been a supplement person. I see ads on Facebook and I never... I kind of look into them, I think, "Nah, this isn't going to work," because a lot of them don't work, and I've tried quite a few of them. They really don't do a whole lot. But I will say this is the first product that has actually worked, and I've never written a testimonial or done anything for any human or animal product. This product actually got my mind boggled. So it does work. It's crazy, but it works, and it's very affordable, I feel like, for what you're getting.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, absolutely. Well, the tub itself is 1.3 pounds, which is about half the size of a Folgers coffee can, and there's 100 servings in there, so for $99.99, which... Do the quick math, being from Oklahoma, a dollar a day.

Regina Bernstein:          Yeah. Yeah. That's what I like, is a lot of the other products require a lot of dosage and pre-loading dosages and they're very expensive, whereas, this one, you don't have to do any of that, so-

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. It's pretty amazing. We're definitely blessed. It's one of the reasons why we're doing the podcast. We're trying to get a lot of these stories out there, and we really appreciate you taking the time to write your testimonial in to us and take the time to share your story here on the Team Equinety Podcast.

Regina Bernstein:          Well, I appreciate you contacting me, and I'm happy to share because it's quite an amazing product and I'm thankful that you guys developed it. You saved my horse, for sure.

John Dowdy:                 Oh, that's awesome. Well, Regina Bernstein out of Arizona, thank you so much again for taking the time here on the Team Equinety Podcast.

Regina Bernstein:          Thank you.

John Dowdy:                 All right. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Regina Bernstein:          Bye.



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