040 - Lauri Oliphant - Weight Loss - white line, thrush, grew frog, stronger hoof, new sole depth



Lauri Oliphant - Weight Loss - white line, thrush,
grew frog, stronger hoof, new sole depth


John Dowdy:                 Hello and welcome to this week's Equinety Podcast. We're going to swing up into Pennsylvania and speak with Laurie Oliphant. She's got a 21 year-old that's got some seedy toe, white line thrush, some other issues going on. Without further ado, Laurie, welcome to the Equinety Podcast.

Laurie Oliphant:            Hi, glad to be here.

John Dowdy:                 Great. We're excited to have you. So let's jump right into this. You've got a 21 year-old that you've had since she was eight, give us a little bit of history. What was going on? I know you told me that she had been bred a few times, but tell me some of the issues that were kind of going on with her and what you were trying to help her with.

Laurie Oliphant:            Her feet was the big issue. She had foundered when she was five. I've had her since she was eight months old and it was a stone bruise that caused the issue. We had a fantastic blacksmith that for six months, we worked and worked and worked and worked. Everybody kept telling me, "Oh, you ought to put her down. You ought to put her down." I said, "Nope." I said, "There's life in this horse and she wants to live."

Laurie Oliphant:            We got her feet fixed and she was doing really good, watched her diet and finally got around to breeding her. She had her first foal, no issues. Weight was easy to get back up on her with no problem, then four years later went to go breed her again, and her weight just plummeted and I've had a hard time since then. She's now 21, keeping weight on her, keeping her feet sound. Tried other products, faithfully, that other people swore by. They worked for a while and then they just quit working, no matter what I did, and blacksmith issues, so it was a hard time keeping a good blacksmith. The last time she'd had her baby, we'd fought with her feet. I found a good blacksmith that helped me out, but we were still having issues and I tried different products that would supposedly help. Added stuff to her feed to try to help her feet out. They'd help for a while and then nothing, we were back to square one again.

Laurie Oliphant:            This last time she was losing weight and I was trying to get her to gain some weight. Changed her feed around and got her teeth floated. She'd been wormed, got her teeth floated and she still wasn't picking up the weight the way she should. Shoulders were sinking in, muscles around her, [inaudible 00:02:40] were sinking in. Top line was starting to show out [inaudible 00:02:47] found this Spirit medicine. This is not doable, this is not you. Read up on your product, picked out other aspects of your product, read some testimonials, heard some testimonials and so what do I have to lose, except my one year-old best buddy?

John Dowdy:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Laurie Oliphant:            I gotta try. So I started that. She'd had her teeth done a week before we got the product, did more of a diet change according to her dentist to help her out. Tried all kinds of products that usually worked short term then just would quit. She was having [inaudible 00:03:22] I was battling with [inaudible 00:03:24] oxy thing, soaking her feet. I'm doing everything and I just read about your products, went and read the testimonials and all that jazz and I wanted to look up what these amino acids would actually do and how they correlated [inaudible 00:03:47] University library, but I was reading there and I said, "what do I have to do lose"? So I ordered it up. Four weeks in, my blacksmith was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe the growth in a few weeks and I was tickled pink. Unfortunately, dumb me didn't take a picture before and after because I was busy trying to get some other stuff done?

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, well you know what we hear a lot people say, "Oh my gosh, I should have taken pictures" and I think a lot of times people don't have a lot of high expectations because they've tried a lot of other things just like yourself and you know with your attitude, which is similar to a lot of people, you know, what do you have to lose? You've tried everything else. Why not try the Equinety product?

Laurie Oliphant:            Like I said, I was dumbfounded over her feet. Oh my gosh, and the weight that she had picked up.

John Dowdy:                 So it helped fill out? It helped fill out top line, put the weight back on her?

Laurie Oliphant:            It's filled out her top line. She's not completely filled out yet, but those amino acids have so many issues to work on. I can't expect it.

John Dowdy:                 (Laughing) Yeah.

Laurie Oliphant:            I can't expect the poopy horse, you know, in nine weeks.

John Dowdy:                 Well, I think the transformations though, we're going on close to two months now, so if you're tuning in for the first time, just a little recap. So we're dealing with a 21 year old that had lost a lot of weight and you were having issues getting this weight back on. You'd tried a lot of different things and although it would work temporarily, it just didn't seem to do what you were looking for. While the weight loss was going on, she also developed white line thrush. But, you came across our product, the Equinety product, and for those of you who are tuning in for the first time and are not sure what this product is.

John Dowdy:                 The Equinety Horse excels 100% pure amino acids and what they're specifically formulated to do is stimulate the pituitary gland, which is the master gland in the body and that's what releases the necessary hormones, which then help heal at a cellular level. So, this is why it can help do so many different things in a relatively short amount of time. You made the comment that there's a lot of things going on with your horse, so I would say within two months the transformation has been quite dramatic. Tell us about the growth of the hoof. What all did you see there?

Laurie Oliphant:            I'd say she had grown in that short amount of time, at least a quarter inch off of her coronary band. Her sole was actually thickened up enough that we could have cut out the rest of the seedy toe but I didn't want to take her down to where she'd be ouchy over the hard ground, cause it's getting winter time.

John Dowdy:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Laurie Oliphant:            So we left her with, you know, a little bit left on that issue.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. You'd also noticed some new frog growth.

Laurie Oliphant:            Oh my gosh, I've never seen such big fat frogs on her.

John Dowdy:                 Wow. Yep. Well, I tell ya, using this combination with a good farrier blacksmith that's doing the proper trimming, this works really, really well just by itself. But, in combination with doing things a proper way and you know, I like the fact that you've chosen not to go ahead and have the rest of that dug out cause it will grow out and we hear this all the time. That's fantastic.[crosstalk 00:00:07:25]

Laurie Oliphant:            You know it would be totally different if we had way too much toe and could take that down.

John Dowdy:                 Right.

Laurie Oliphant:            Put that out. But she didn't have, in fact her feet are looking like a horse's feet better.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. Yeah. And you said that her spirits back and now she's kind of the leader of the pack again, huh?

Laurie Oliphant:            Yep. Well, she's got her firstborn here and Maggie, I got it one month old. No, I didn't take her away from her mother, I bought her when she was a baby. That's been her surrogate baby until she had her own. Then Maggie has her firstborn here. So needless to say, Abby has taken it upon herself to be the boss, mayor of the herd.

John Dowdy:                 Gotcha. Then with, with her son, he's been on product now for about four weeks and he was also having some hoof issues.

Laurie Oliphant:            This was only four weeks in on him because I noticed her changes and noticed that things were filling out on her and her feet were looking a little better, and I'm going, "Hmm". So I started him on it and he'd only been on it for like four weeks, almost four weeks and he had frog that he's never had before. I thought about changing his name to Froggy.

John Dowdy:                 (Laughing) That much, huh?

Laurie Oliphant:            Oh really.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah.

Laurie Oliphant:            His white line is where Abby's was over a month ago where we could have cut it out, but it would have changed his angle too much and it would have made him too tender footed for the winter, you know, the winter ground coming on.

John Dowdy:                 Sure.

Laurie Oliphant:            So, I didn't want him to go that far and it was too much of an angle change, which puts stresses on.

John Dowdy:                 Right.

Laurie Oliphant:            He gets touchy now and again whenever he does something stupid out in the field with his shoulder. I watched him rip and tear and he did a slider and I'm like, "Oh God, here we go". Break out the butte again, and no, nothing. He's been stepping right out looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

John Dowdy:                 Nice. Yep.

Laurie Oliphant:            I had no clue. I mean he doesn't need the weight. Lord knows he don't need to wait. He just needs the feet time.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. Now here's another interesting point, since you brought it up. So you've got the one horse that needed weight, your other horse does not need the weight. They both have hoof issues going on. So although you've tried lots of other things that may have worked for a very short amount of time, the one thing that has worked, you know, going on now two months on the one horse, and a month on the other one, it has added weight to the horse that needed weight added to it, and the other horse it has not added weight to because that horse doesn't need weight. While at the same time it's improved both of the hoof quality, for both of them.

Laurie Oliphant:            Definitely.

John Dowdy:                 Yep.

Laurie Oliphant:            Definitely.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah.

Laurie Oliphant:            Which, that's why I was skeptical at first because so many of your testimonies, the horse has had major weight issues because they were rescues and the side benefit was the feet. I went, "Well, from all I'm reading, it says that the body will know what the body needs and take, take it to where the body needs it".

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So the hormones that are released within the body, the body sends those hormones to the places that need healing. So, it could be weight gain or it could not be weight gain cause here's a prime example of one horse that needs weight, the other one doesn't, so it's going to add weight to the one.

John Dowdy:                 I think over time what you'll find, especially if the one is a little overweight, it'll help balance that horse. But ultimately what it's doing, it's balancing the horses from the inside out. So, it's going to the problem areas and it's customizing to each one. We've done several podcasts now where we've had some people that have five, six, seven different horses with all kinds of different issues and its customizing to each one, which you know, we're blessed to have a product that helps in so many different ways. It's pretty amazing. It's another reason why we started the podcast, so we could hear from horse owners, just like yourself, that may have tried everything under the sun and now here you came across the Equinety and may be a bit skeptical, and now you're sharing your story as to why you spread the word about it.

Laurie Oliphant:            I am so pleased with the product, that for Christmas I'm getting two more containers for Abby and Arthur. Maddie could probably use it, she's the youngest one.

John Dowdy:                 Yep.

Laurie Oliphant:            But, I've got a 15 hand half linger that out eats, out does everything, and is a butterball. She doesn't have a foot problem.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. Well I'll tell you Lori, if there's anybody tuning in to this podcast for the first time and they might be on the fence, maybe a little skeptical about trying the Equinety. What advice would you have for them?

Laurie Oliphant:            I was on the fence about it. That's why I kind of questioned you. I think it might have been you over the product and I said, "well what do I've got to lose, except my 21 year old friend? She needs help". So, I'm sold on the product, I'm going to try to get two more containers cause I'm gonna be running out probably here before the end of next month. So, I'm going to go ahead and order it in.

John Dowdy:                 Right.

Laurie Oliphant:            I'm just astounded. In fact, people that I hear when we're in the feed store and they're having issues with trying to get weight on and they're trying to read which feed bag's gonna help them out, I tell them about your product. I said, "I'm sold, I'm sold". I said, "It has good science behind it. It's not one of these products that'll help for a while, then quit. If the horse has an issue, it'll continue to help with that issue".

John Dowdy:                 Right. I think it's important to mention all along that same topic, even if you have a high performance horse or just a horse in general that doesn't have any issues at all, sometimes the question is, "Well, how can this product still help my horse"? Well, what it's ultimately doing, because we're giving the body what it needs to release hormones that help heal at a cellular level, it's getting those cells to operate and work at their optimal level so the horses are happier, they're healthier. If it's a working horse that doesn't really have any issues, it's going to help with recovery and stamina and focus and keeping your horse on the product through the winter, we've also found that their hooves stay nice and healthy through the winter. The weight stays on through the winter, and for the performance horse or working horse, they're back in shape a lot quicker.

John Dowdy:                 You know, if you're live in a super cold climate and you kind of put the horse up for the winter, when you bring them back out in the spring, they seem to be back in shape a lot faster. So, those are some of the other benefits of giving the product to your horse that didn't really have any known issues, but just helps keep them healthier and happier.

Laurie Oliphant:            I must have taken my pony out for a good long ride in the woods and just didn't dare because of the way her feet were. But, he was getting down in spirit because we weren't going out. So, if her feet weren't too God awful bad, we'd just tool around the farm and out to the fields and that would make her bright eyed and bushy tailed looking like a boiled dow and she was happy again. But it's like, girl, we got to do something.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, well maybe as you get through the winter here and into the spring, you'll be able to makeup for all the lost riding.

Laurie Oliphant:            Tell people out there, it does work. I was giving up hope on trying to find something and you guys saved my pony.

John Dowdy:                 Oh, that's great to hear. We are blessed for sure. Absolutely. Well, Laurie, thank you so much. I appreciate your time and thank you so much for being a guest here on the Equinety podcast.

Laurie Oliphant:            Thank you for having me. Yes, it does work folks.

John Dowdy:                 All right, thanks so much. Bye bye.

Laurie Oliphant:            Bye bye.





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