025 - Jackie Allen - Shedding Out, Sidebone, Healthier, Stronger Hooves, Donkey and a Mule all benefit from Equinety!



Jackie Allen - Shedding Out, Sidebone, Healthier,
Stronger Hooves, Donkey and a Mule all benefit from Equinety!

John Dowdy:                 Hello and welcome to another Equinety podcast. We're going to swing up into Tennessee this week and we're going to be speaking with Jackie Allen and she's got actually four different things going on. Four different horses. Including in those four is a donkey and a mule. Which I know is exciting because we haven't had anybody give us any feedback on a podcast with a donkey and a mule. I'm excited about that. Without further ado, Jackie, welcome to the Equinety podcast.

Jackie Allen:                  Oh, welcome to you too and I'm so excited about being able to tell about this great product.

John Dowdy:                 Oh, well we're glad to have you on and I'm glad you could take some time out of your schedule. I know you've been using the Equinety now for about a year, but prior to that, what are your general thoughts about horse supplements just in general and then when you came across the Equinety, what was your thoughts on the Equinety? Were you skeptical or just give us an overall view on that, your outlook on supplements in general?

Jackie Allen:                  Yes, I've used other supplements. I didn't see much results and my daughter told me about the Equinety and how good it was. I was a little skeptical because she said that it did so many things. I said, "Okay, I'll give it a try." I tried it and I love it.

John Dowdy:                 Now, okay, well so let's get into that. Obviously hearing about it from your daughter gave you some feel good about about that, which is always nice. I know we've got four different horses here and let's talk about the first one which was a rescue, had a very bad coat. Tell us about that even when you'd clip him and things. Tell us kind of what was going on there.

Jackie Allen:                  Yeah, I rescued Jasper and he was pretty poor. His coat was absolutely horrible. It would come out in clumps and he was a black horse, but you couldn't tell he was black. I started feeding him the Equinety and the next time he shedded out, he is pitch black, shiny. I love looking at him in the pasture because he just shines.

He also had sidebone. He came up with sidebone and I couldn't ride him anymore. That was before I fed him the Equinety and when I started feeding him the Equinety, about six months I noticed in the pasture he wasn't limping anymore. I tried riding him and he hasn't taken a bad steps since.

John Dowdy:                 Holy smokes.

Jackie Allen:                  I'm really excited about that.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, and you were even advised not to ride him or he couldn't be ridden anymore because of the sidebone.

Jackie Allen:                  Right, right. He always said I could have injected him and stuff, but I wasn't going to do that.

John Dowdy:                 Sure, sure, and you just thought, "Well, we'll give them the Equinety and see what happens?" Was that kind of how you went?

Jackie Allen:                  Yeah, yeah because I didn't want to, I didn't want to not ride him. He was a great ride. He took very good care of me and he's my heart horse. Yeah, I wanted to check it out and see. Yeah in fact, I just wrote him the other day and he doesn't take a bad step.

John Dowdy:                 That's great. Now what are some of the other things you've noticed since he's been on the Equinety?

Jackie Allen:                  He's really quiet. He just looks good. I think he feels good. He acts like he feels good.

John Dowdy:                 Changing coat, hooves, things like that?

Jackie Allen:                  Yeah, yeah, the ferrier said that my horse's hooves look better than almost anybody he's ever done.

John Dowdy:                 Wow.

Jackie Allen:                  That's an exciting thing because I worry about their feet.

John Dowdy:                 No doubt, no doubt, well that's pretty awesome. I think this is the first feedback we've had on podcasts with sidebone. I'm sure that can help a lot of people out or at least give them some hope for sure.

Jackie Allen:                  Right, right.

John Dowdy:                 Our next horse, which is 22 and now retired and you used to use for a lot of trail competition. Tell us about him.

Jackie Allen:                  His name is Rocky and Rocky is, like you said, 22 and when people come over and I tell him how old they don't believe it. I mean his coat is wonderful. His feet are great. He absolutely does not look 22.

John Dowdy:                 And you're not riding him at all anymore? You're just-

Jackie Allen:                  Oh, no. Every once in awhile I'll jump on a bareback, but he's done such a good job for me. I told him he can, he can live the rest of his life eating grass.

John Dowdy:                 Which I'm sure sure he's happy about that. Now, we're going to go to your little donkey there. Tell us about him.

Jackie Allen:                  Yeah, Patches. I rescued Patches too and he was in horrible condition and his poor little hooves were, I don't even know how he was walking and with the help of my ferrier and I, it has to be the Equinety. He looks like he has little feet now. It's so funny because before they were all curled under and oh, they were terrible. He's walking really good now and like I said, he's got really cute little feet.

John Dowdy:                 How big is Patches?

Jackie Allen:                  Patches is probably 12 hands, maybe.

John Dowdy:                 Okay.

Jackie Allen:                  Maybe.

John Dowdy:                 Yup, that's great and now we're going to go to your main ride, which is your mule.

Jackie Allen:                  Yeah, Huckleberry.

John Dowdy:                 All right, tell us about Huckleberry.

Jackie Allen:                  Well, Huckleberry, mules, I don't know if you know this, but mules don't shed out like a horse. It takes a really long time for them to shed out. Probably by June or July then they're shedded out good. I've been feeding the Equinety too and he shedded out so early this year and he's really nice and shiny.

John Dowdy:                 And feet and everything's good?

Jackie Allen:                  Yeah, his feet, yeah, his feet look great and his attitude is great, sometimes. He can be a little-

John Dowdy:                 He can be a mule, yeah.

Jackie Allen:                  Well, he's only four. He's young yet, but he's getting along good and everybody asks me, "How did you get him to shed out and how come he looks so shiny?" I tell them. It's the Equinety.

John Dowdy:                 Right.

Jackie Allen:                  All he gets is oats so it has to be the Equinety.

John Dowdy:                 Sure, well if that's the major or only change, the major change or only change you've made in the year with all of them and they all seem to have, as we were discussing earlier, their overall look, mood, they're happy. You were even telling me how they are a bit on the mischievous side.

Jackie Allen:                  Oh, yes they are. They can get into some mischief. They open the gate and let themselves out sometimes if I don't lock it. Yeah, they're pretty mischievous.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, feeling good, feeling good. Well for those who are listening in for the first time and wondering what this Equinety stuff is, I'll take just a couple minutes here and kind of give them an overview just so they can understand. If this is the first time you're hearing about it and it's like, "Well how can this one product do so many different things?" And in this case, we're talking about one that had been battling with sidebone.

We've got another retired horse, we've got a donkey and a mule. And by the way, they're all getting the same dose, which is one little scoop, 5.2 grams, which is not even a tablespoon, but the unique thing with the Equinety, it's 100% pure amino acids. There's no fillers, no sugars, no starches, and there's no loading dose. The amino acids are specifically formulated to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is the master gland on the body and that pituitary gland releases hormones.

Of course we're after growth hormone, which is the master hormone and the growth hormone triggers IGF-1, and the combination of those hormones are what go throughout the body to help repair and regenerate at a cellular level. It's customizing to each horse. There's been a few other podcasts we've had where one in particular, a gentleman had seven different horses or seven horses with seven different issues.

There was another one with five different issues going on with five different horses. In this case we've got four, but it includes a donkey and a mule. Out of all of these different scenarios, one tiny scoop and it's customizing to each particular issue. Probably the best example that I've come up with is if you have a horse with a joint issue, then what do we typically look at? We look at a joint supplement or possible injections or hoof problems. Then we look at hoof supplements and creative shoeing. We're trying to give the horse, or in this case even in donkey or mule, a particular thing to fix whatever problem we believe that they're having, which is fine.

Now, the unique thing with the Equinety is because we're stimulating the pituitary gland to release the hormones, the body is deciding with pinpoint accuracy, where to send those hormones for the healing, and this is why there's so many different things that can happen with so many different scenarios. If you're listening in for the first time, hopefully that made a lot of sense and cleared some things up.

And Jackie, when you and I were speaking before we recorded this, one of the things that was kind of on your mind is how can, you know when you heard about the Equinety is, "Okay, well it might be good, but how can it do all of this different stuff?" And of course you've experienced that just with your crew there over the last year.

Jackie Allen:                  Yes, I have. Yep.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah. That's great. Well if there's anyone listening in here, Jackie, that still might be on the fence or thinking about it, is there anything that you would have to say to them that you haven't already talked about that might pull him over to trying Equinety?

Jackie Allen:                  I would just tell them to try it. They'll see. Just give it a try. I mean it works. I have four different animals that it works on and I love it and I'll use it forever.

John Dowdy:                 Well Jackie Allen from Tennessee, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your Equinety stories.

Jackie Allen:                  Well, thank you. I'm glad I got a chance to.

John Dowdy:                 Yeah, great. Okay, well, thank you so much.



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