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Hello and welcome to the Equinety Podcast. This is your host John Dowdy. And want to welcome you to the first ever inaugural, because inaugural is the first, or maybe it's not, maybe it is. Anyways, it's John Dowdy with Equinety Podcast here and thank you so much for joining. For those of you who have never heard of Equinety, I'm going to tell you about that now. Equinety actually started back in 1998 and was formulated by a British Cambridge and Harvard education family physician in Canada. And, what he figured out was a couple of things, one, which amino acids to put together to make up a stack and second, how much of each one of those amino acids to make it all work. The way that he would describe it, Dr. Philip White, is it would go into the body, find what needs to be fix and fixes it.

Well, on a more scientific level what he figured out was, it stimulates the pituitary gland to release more hormones, which then go through the body, repair and regenerate the cells and because it was your own body that released the hormones, it's your own body that regulates it with the hypothalamus. Now, in 2006 the company realized they had all the things that athletes were looking for. And although they had been marketing to the 50 plus crowd, which they still do today, the athletes were a whole other niche. And so, 2006 they put a secondary label on it, called it gHP Sport and we had certified for sport, so all the major league baseball and a lot of Olympic athletes use it and they can feel very comfortable that they won't test using this product, because there's no filler, sugar, starches, there's no banned substances, what's on the label is exactly what's in it.

In 2014, we put it in a tub for horses and the way that our formulator would always describe this to us and all mammal cells primarily work the same, the pituitary gland is roughly the same size as well, about the size of a pea, whether it be in a dog, human, horse and so that's why we all take the same amount. And in the horse world, it has absolutely taken off like gangbusters. Especially in the barrel racing world. So, you other disciplines out there, what are you waiting for?

The Benefits

Okay, so anyways, it is really just going crazy. We get emails on a daily basis, I'm going to go through some Q and A here because people ask all the time, "Oh, well does it help with this issue or that issue?" And, the list goes on and on. And for the most part we can say, "Yes it does." Because unlike other products on the market, Equinety isn't targeting the joint, or the hoof, or the coat, or the gut, or the attitude, or the mood, or recovery. Equinety is targeting the pituitary gland, which in turn is targeting the cells and we can get those cells to work at a optimal level, then all kinds of neat things happen. Kind of like a kid, they're running around, falling down, bruised up and they go to sleep and the next day they're right back out doing again.

Obviously as we age, that's a little bit more difficult, our brains are like, "Hey, I could do that." And your body is like, "Yeah, that's not happening." That's just age now. When you take the product, one the first things we tend to notice, within 24 to 72 hours, is a really deep REM sleep and at the age of 25, we're at our peak of that REM sleep, and by age 40 we're about 30% less, and by age 60, we're only producing 20%, 30%. But typically, what happens within in 24 to 72 hours of taking the product, you will notice a really deep sound sleep and that's the deep sleep where your body can actually do the recovery.

So, it's kind of nice when you're taking the product yourself, you kind of know what your horse is going through and feeling and vice versa, some people that may have found out that these horse people are pretty darn crazy. So, there horse comes absolutely first but when they see the results that their horse is having, they're like, "Hey, I could benefit from that." And so then they start taking the product. So it works hand in hand either way. A lot of people start it themselves then start the horse, other times the horse starts and then they say, "Hey, why should my horse have all the advantages of feeling good?"

Q & A

So, that's kind of the scientific background. There is a patent based around the science as well, so it's not some fly-by-night expensive urine for your horse here, so it actually works. But, going back to the different issues and we'll get into some of these Q and As. For example, "Will it make my horses hooves stronger?" Well, absolutely it will and not only does it make them stronger, it makes them grow faster and you'll notice this yourself with, if you're taking the product yourself, your fingernails will actually grow a little faster and become harder, but this also works with the horse as well.

And so, another thing that's very visible within even a couple weeks, like definitely by 30 days, which is why we always encourage people to take before and after photos so you can actually look at the before and after photographs, but you'll notice the coat is super, super shiny. And if you could see me right now, you would notice that my coat is also very shiny. I've been on product for 11 years now. So, but anyways, that's one of the things that you can definitely notice, also muscle. And again, if you could see me, I look like a body builder. Okay, well maybe not that much of muscle but the point is, that it helps the body heal itself from the inside out. So, a lot of people say it overall balances the horse from the inside out, so you're level.

Our formulator, he would always say, in essence, you take the product, it goes in the body, it finds what needs to be fixed and fixes it. So, although there are general commonalities across the board, there are a lot of things like with injuries for example, injuries will typically heal way faster than normal. And so, on the human product back in 2008, we had the entire lineup for the Tampa Bay Rays on the product, for our gHP Sport and they went to the World Series that year, and up until that year they were the worst team in franchise history and they went to the World Series. And they didn't win, but they got there. But a week after the World Series, two of their closing pitchers called me up, and to thank us for introducing them to the product. But they both told me the same thing, and that was their arms felt as fresh right then as it did in spring training. And, that really just comes from their recovery time that the product gives you.

So, when we get into the performance athlete, performance horse, it's the same thing. It's recovery time, they travel better, they're more calm in their skin, they're happier. And this not only works in performance horses, you can have a pasture ornament out there, you can have rescue horses. We got some amazing photographs of rescue horses that, I mean if you just blew very hard it looks like these things would topple over. But it doesn't matter, it can be an Olympic horse, a horses that runs every weekend, to a pasture ornament, rescue horse, it doesn't really matter. Even tiny mini-ponies, we've got before and after photographs, which is quite amazing.

One in particular names Coco, out in California, could never grow a mane and tail and after being on the product, I believe the photographs I have are about nine months apart, but now that coat, or the mane and tail had to be trimmed on a very regular basis because it just grows like crazy. So, better hair growth, shiner coat, stronger hooves, even gut issues, because they're not as stressed so, which if that is a common problem, with traveling around and things like that. So, just have all kinds of really neat feedback and testimonials.

But that is pretty much what Equinety is, how it was developed in a nutshell and we are just very blessed to have such an amazing product out on the market here. And, it's helping so many horses in so many different ways. So, if this is the first time that you're hearing about Equinety, then I highly encourage you to take the Equinety 30 day challenge. And what the 30 day challenge is, in essence, is just taking the product and trying it, taking some before photos and then again in 30 days later and seeing how the product has changed your horse, in a very positive way.

Now, we also wanted to price this product at a very reasonable price. And, so we priced it at $99, or actually it's $99.99, plus shipping if you're ordering from our website. And that's a three month supply. Actually a little secret in there, if you shake the tub between each scoop then you should get closer to 100 plus servings out of there. So, what we're talking about is a dollar a day. And so many people, when I run into people that have been using Equinety, I always ask them how much money they're saving since they started using Equinety and they tell us consistently 20% to 40% in vet bills and other supplements that they've just been able to consolidate and then we get questions quite a bit of, "Hey, if I start using Equinety, can I stop using some of my other products?"

Now, what we always recommend is and especially if you're a supplement junky, let's just say your horse is on 57 different supplements. Okay, maybe not that many, maybe two, three, four, 10 supplements, whatever the case is. Even medication, you're perfectly fine here but, add Equinety to your existing program and then that way you know it's the only thing that you've changed. So, within 15 to 30 days, you're going to be able to determine, "Hey, you know what? My horse's hooves are better, their joints are better, they're better with arthritis. They're more comfortable." Whatever the situation is, you'll be able to make that determination and then from that point, you'll be able to start maybe not giving him some of the other things that you're giving them because let's face it folks, as a equestrian equine people, we're all crazy, just a little bit.

So, I would imagine that some of you out there listening are giving your horse products that you're not completely convinced that it's really working but you feel good. You just feel a little bit better because you're giving your horse something. So, that just makes you feel good. Well, I'm here to tell you, add Equinety to your existing program, you're going to be able to determine within 15 days, to 30 days if you're able, if you really need to use some of this other stuff that's out there. Now, Equinety has no fillers, no sugars, no starches, there's no loading dose. What's on the label is exactly what's in it and amino acids are the building blocks of protein so it doesn't matter if you're giving your horse any other medications, perfectly fine, no side effects. It's all natural.

So, that is everything there is to know I think about Equinety and I don't think I have any other questions here immediately. But, that's a nice overview there and again, if you haven't tried Equinety, would highly encourage you to go to our website at https://teamequinety.com and that's Equinety, E-Q-U-I-N-E-T-Y, products.com. Some people for the first time, when they try to pronounce it, it's all kinds of creative things like Equinety, who knows, they throw in some extra sounds in there that I don't know where they come from. Maybe, they're trying to go, [inaudible 00:11:50]. Maybe an auctioneer type thing, but equinetyproducts.com. Go there, check it out, we've got lots of testimonials and everything that we can think of we put on the website, some nice videos around the science and how it all works and go check it out. So appreciate you tuning in and we're going to have some special guest on here in the very, very near future of our Equinety Podcast. Thanks a bunch and appreciate you tuning in. This John Dowdy, with Equinety.


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